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Importance of Branding & Content Design


Brand written record encompasses a ton of benefits and also the chance to feature increased visuals and content to switch your product description is among the foremost options. Amazon is giving registered brands heaps of additional realty so as to connect deeper with their customers. maybe you would like to showcase your charity initiative, directions or tutorials or extra manner pictures or graphics. This additional content and pictures conjointly show 100% on mobile compared to solely the primary two hundred characters of that previous product description. That stat ought to be reason enough to urge EBC on all of your listings.


In depth subject area, market and competitor research


Extensive keyword research based on real Amazon search data


Strategically designed product title and bullet points to maximize discoverability.


Persuasive sales copy to engage consumers and improve conversion.


Completely optimized back end including search terms, target audience and intended use


Complete list of keywords provided and organized based on value.


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